Superior Foes of Spider-Man 1-17#

This series was one of the first that I read from Marvel Unlimited and also completed in a row. I didn’t jump off to any other books which testifies to the writing and the character development. Maybe there needed to be a lot of story because Boomerang isn’t exactly a fleshed out Spider-villain. This series was really very funny and also had a lot of twists and turns.

I’m going to start keeping rack of my Marvel Unlimited reading list here, because their reading list is basically non-existent. I have read a lot already and I am more inclined to keep my MU subscription and dump my WWE Network subscription because this is getting much more use.

Wrestling 12-1-15 RPW – Ft Myers, FL

12-1-15: RPW: #5: Breaking Boundaries: Ft Myers, FL
Jude Jean beat Derek Jordan (7:52)
Coastal Title: Donnie Abel beat Chico Adams (7:30)
Triangle Tag: Hound Dogg & Prestin Caine beat Troy Hollywood & Hunter Law and Joey Bydafoodcourt & Aryeh Amor (9:52)
Tyranus beat Syther (8:25)
6 Man Tag: Tim Serrago, Michael Kai Rayne & Michael Sky beat Neurosis, Damian James & Alex Payne (10:40)
Gabriel Black beat Slade Porter (5:30)
4 Way: #1 Contender: Maxx Stardom beat Zack Monstar, Blanco Loco and Marcos (13:32)
Tag Titles: Rex Bacchus & Ace Andrews beat TC Read & Mike Monroe (10:55)
Top Crown Title: Dravin Frost beat Sideshow (9:45)


I Came To Love You – Booker T Jones

Midnite Rants

Silly me,
Sometimes I lose my mind
Like a child
Has lost his way
Then so soon I’ll see
What keeps guiding me
And the reasons and traces are clear

I came to love you
Might as well make up your mind
Darling you know I can’t wait for your love
Playing no games with my time

You have helped me see so much more than myself
And my life is getting richer all the time
Now we’ll see the best
Of all of the rest
Thru the eyes of lovers looking
At all  time

I came to love you
All I can give is myself
I will not try to be no body else
Can I give more than my heart ?

I came to love you
All I can give is myself
I will not try to be no body else
Can I give more than my heart…

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AJ Styles says “GLAAAAH!” about his WWE status!


Credit 411Mania –

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AJ Styles is actually not under contract with New Japan or Ring of Honor at this time. Styles is free and clear to work anywhere he wants to work, and could field an offer from WWE, but the ball appears to be in their court. At the age of 38 with a wife and kids, Styles is working where he can make the most money. He is in a great position with NJPW and ROH, as he is a top guy in both places and works with all of the top talent. He is also loading up his schedule for early 2016, including working with Rey Mysterio in the UK.

Listen to TUESDAY BOOKER w/ Taso the Greek: Pro-Wrestling Podcast

TUESDAY BOOKER w/ Taso The Greek Podcast

Seth Rollins out 6-9 months; WWE Title in abeyance!


Fans in attendance at tonight’s WWE live event in Dublin, Ireland noted that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins may have injured his knee or leg during the No Holds Barred main event against Kane.

Rollins was doing a move out of the corner, when he landed awkwardly on his leg. After the match, he appeared to be hurting as well and was helped to the back by WWE trainers.

Rollins tore his ACL and MCL and will be out 6-9 months.

The WWE World Heavyweight Title is in abeyance, and the WWE will hold a tournament at Survivor Series 2015.

IYH All in the Family remake 2016

IYH All in the Family remake 2016

Archie is played by Jack, and Incher is Edith. Or the other way around. Edith/Jack or Incher is wearing a appear like a woman.

Edith walks in from the gym as Archie is standing in the kitchen, there are a couple of cats and food at his feet, and a half empty 20 gallon aquarium fish tank.

Archie: Ee-dit! Guess what happened when you was gone. Ash was hiding from me and I couldn’t find him and I wanted to check his paw because if you remember he was stung by a bee on his paw, soI called the cats so I could find Ashie and check his paw, and Ashie and Calypso and Ranger came and Ashie’s paw looked fine, so thats great! But then I decided not to give the cats treats because I was only calling them to check Ashie’s paw and went to walk by Calypso, who was standing by the bedroom door, she in such a sad way! and went “Moo!” “Moo!” Ha ha ha!

Edith: … fucking faggot…

Then we have a pause and they look at each. Pause.

Then cut to a shot of Jack/Archie powerbombing Incher thru a table in the kitchen surrounded by cats.


All-Star Wrestling TV May 21st, 1987

All-Star Wrestling TV (Central States)
Taped May 21st, 1987
Memorial Hall
Kansas City, Kansas

Ric McCord & Vinnie Valentino vs “Crusher” Karl Kovac & Mr. Russell Sapp Esq. (w/Porkchop Cash)
Brenda’s Beauty Shop w/The Boss & His Boys (Cash, Kovac, Sapp & The Warlord)
McCord interview
Cash promo
Rufus R. Jones interview
Dave Peterson vs Steve Sybert
“Bulldog” Bob Brown vs “Hustler” Rip Rogers (w/Miss Brenda Britton)
Rogers promo
Bart Batten interview
Recap: Bruiser Brody vs Carlos Colon? (WWC)
Rogers & Britton interview
Bobby Jaggers & Valentino promo
Cash, Kovac & Warlord interview
NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion Rufus R. Jones vs Mr. Pogo (w/Porkchop Cash) (Karate is Legal)

Continental Championship Wrestling 1/4/86 to 6/21/86

I sat back to watch a little Continental Championship Wrestling, one of those “forgotten” territories. CCW ran out of Alabama if I am not mistaken. Later on, it was renamed Southeastern Championship Wrestling. I am enjoying this stuff because I never got to see guys like Tim Horner, The Nighmares, or even Tommy Rich, in many of the other more popular promotions. I have downloaded 1986 thru 1989, and each year has over 25-30 episodes so this will be a longstanding watch-list.


CCW 1986
Tar and Feather Match
Tommy and Johnny Rich vs Inferno and Larry Clark
Adrean Street vs Jason Walker
Tim Horner vs Paul Brown
CCW TV Title Match
Robert Fuller vs Brad Armstrong

Southeastern Title Match
Adrian Street vs Norvel Austin
Mr Olympia and Boomer H Lynch vs William Tabb and Josh Shroad (brain scrambler)

The Bullet & Brad Armstrong interview
Mr. Olympia & Robert Fuller interview
CCW TV Title Match
Robert Fuller vs Brad Armstrong
The Bullet vs Ken Glover
The Nightmares Brawl With the Riches

SE Title Match N Austin vs Street w/Maxine/Lady
US JR Title Match
Tim Horner vs Ken Timbs
Southeastern Tag Title Match
The Nightmares vs Roberto Soto and Lee Parks
Roberto Soto vs Alan Martin
Robert Fuller vs Wild Bill Wilkins
Denney Brown vs Tim Horner
Freeman, Soto, Steve Armstrong vs
Timbs, Olympia, Lynn

Roy Lee welch vs Tim Horner
Frank Lancaster vs Jerry Stubbs

The Invader vs Wendall Cooley
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Lucha Libre World Cup 2015 Qualifying Three Way Elimination Match
Electroshock vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Fenix

Tag Team Match
Angelico & Jack Evans vs. La Secta (Cuervo & Escoria)

Singles Match
Brian Cage vs. El Patron Alberto

Six Man Tag Team No Disqualification Match
Angelico, El Patron Alberto & Jack Evans vs. Brian Cage, Cuervo & Escoria